C3SR team won the Google Faculty Awards

The C3SR faculty members, Professors Deming Chen, Wen-mei Hwu and Jinjun Xiong, has recently been awarded by the Google TensorFlow team for a competitive Google Faculty Awards to Support Machine Learning Courses, Diversity, and Inclusion.

This faculty award recognizes the team for their creation of the ECE498-ICC course, titled “Internet-of-Things and Cognitive Computing,” which were offerred in the Spring semesters of 2019 and 2020, respectively. Since its inception in 2019, the course has attracted not only computer engineering students, but also students from electrical engineering, computer science, agricultural & biological engineering, civil engineering, and biology. Our TAs have developed a set of world-class labs for the course.

With this Google Faculty Award, the team wil continue to improve the content of this course. They will also organize a workshop at the end of Spring 2021 for ECE 498-ICC students to present and demonstrate their smart IoT applications. This one-day workshop will be open to the entire campus as an out-reaching event with free registration to all. Please stay tuned.